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30 yr US T-Bond Trading

30 Year Treasury Bond Market

The U.S. Thirty-Year Treasury Bond futures are widely regarded as the standard for fundamental risk management tools for traders worldwide. Buying fixed-income securities is a trader’s way to speculate on the future direction of interest rates. Some traders will even buy both long and short positions for protection. In a two-step approach to protection, Treasury futures contracts can then help control the risk in holding fixed-income securities and optimize their performance.

30 Year Treasury Bond Prices/Rates

The Treasury Bond future contract size is $100,000. The minimum tick is 01, or a move worth $31.25 per contract.

30 Yr US T-Bonds Trading Strategy

Traders can definitely profit from trading Treasury Bond futures the by buying low and selling high. It's just as common to sell short as it is to go long. The nature of a protected bond is attractive in helping hedge against predicted rising or falling inflation. This is especially effective for fund managers and traders whose business is affected by external factors.

30 Yr US T-Bonds Trading History

Interest rate futures were established by the Chicago Board of Trade in 1975. These products were a response to a growing desire for hedging tools that could protect against sharp and frequent swings in the cost of money.

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