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VantagePoint Stock Forecasting Software

Created by world-renowned trading software pioneer Louis B. Mendelsohn, VantagePoint forecasts Stocks, Forex, Futures and ETFs with remarkable accuracy of up to 86%. Using patented neural network processes to predict changes in market trend direction 1-3 days in advance, VantagePoint gives you an unprecedented opportunity to get on the right side of trends at the right time - days before other traders even know what’s happening. VantagePoint has millions of dollars and over 25 years of research and development behind it, so you can make better trading decisions, preserve your hard earned capital and create real wealth.

Spend Just a Few Minutes Each Evening and VantagePoint Software Will Give You:

  • Precise forecasts of the trend direction for each market over a two or four day period
  • Predictions of the next day's high and low
  • Alerts on whether the market is expected to make a top or bottom over the next 48 hours
  • A suite of other predictive leading indicators and technical tools, so you can find optimal entries and exits to maximize your profits  
  • The confidence to take the right trades at the right time

VantagePoint Software Makes Highly Accurate Forecasts for Thousands of Markets


VantagePoint software will revolutionize the way you trade stocks. Never before has the retail trader had so much power available in such an easy to use, intuitive package. VantagePoint makes highly accurate forecasts for stocks in twelve sectors including Energy, Financial, Healthcare and Technology in US stocks and for stocks around the world (Australia, Canada, India and the UK)

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To be successful trading futures in today’s volatile, intertwined markets, you need VantagePoint software. VantagePoint forecasts trend direction in advance with up to 86% accuracy for over 60 futures markets including Energies, Indexes (including the e-mini S&P 500), Metals, and Grains to name a few.

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Forex traders worldwide rely on VantagePoint. This cutting edge software uses intermarket analysis to determine which currencies and other markets have the most influence on a target pair. VantagePoint’s forecasts are incredible, with remarkable accuracy on all of the major pairs involving the U.S. dollar as well as other cross pairs.

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If you trade ETFs, you need VantagePoint Software. It incorporates both intermarket analysis and trend forecasting to gain a strategic edge in this competitive, global market. VantagePoint for ETFs provides incredibly accurate short-term market forecasts for over 160 ETFs including U.S. ETFs, International ETFs, Canadian ETFs, Short & Ultrashort ETFs, Currency ETFs, Commodity ETFs and others. 

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