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How VantagePoint Works

VantagePoint was built to give traders like you advance notice of trend changes in the markets so you can enter positions earlier and exit trades at the right time. That translates to more profitable opportunities, plain and simple.

Trade Proactively Instead of Reactively

Technical Analysis is simply a reaction to past price action, and by using traditional lagging indicators such as Moving Averages, there’s often missed opportunity.  However, VantagePoint gives market predictions with up to 86% accuracy two days in advance. Using its neural-network “brain”, the software produces near term predictions in the form of leading, technical indicators.

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Navigating Today's Globally Interconnected Markets

VantagePoint’s patented ability to recognize and calculate how other markets around the world affect the markets you want to trade is what separates it from other trading software. Louis Mendelsohn, the company’s founder, transformed the trading industry by incorporating intermarket analysis to generate predictive leading indicators.

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Patented Technology Creates More Profitable Opportunities

VantagePoint holds two patents on technologies that combine intermarket analysis with neural networks to create leading technical indicators that forecast global markets with uncanny accuracy.

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