How to Profit From FANG Stocks

February 3rd, 2016 by VantagePoint Software


Love him or hate him, Jim Cramer is in your face. Whether he’s screaming at you while you’re drinking your morning coffee watching CNBC or you’re reading his bold proclamations on the TheStreet, Cramer’s impact on how we view and discuss the stock market can’t be discounted. Cramer coined the FANG acronym back in 2014 and it is now rolling off the tongues of all the financial TV talking heads.

In case you’ve missed out, FANG is a snappy acronym for Facebook (FB), Amazon (AMZN), Netflix (NFLX) and Google (GOOG), the quartet of turbocharged technology businesses that have a tremendous impact on the stock market.

While the fab four were major drivers behind the rally in early 2015, the FANG stock’s performance in 2016, along with the rest of the stock market, has been mixed. Valuations can be tricky for these kinds of companies. They are investing tons of money for future growth, so current earnings don’t really paint the whole picture.

Considering this new market paradigm, traders can no longer buy and hold the FANG stocks and hope for double-digit returns. That doesn’t mean there aren’t profitable opportunities from both the long and short sides of the market. Today’s traders who use market forecasting tools like VantagePoint can have confidence getting into trending trades in both directions.

Trading FANG with VantagePoint

FANG stocks netflix

In this NFLX chart, VantagePoint forecasted a downward move when the predicted moving average crossed below the traditional moving average all the way back in mid- December 2015. Many traders were still loving the FANG stocks, especially NFLX at that time, but VantagePoint traders could have potentially been short from $125 all the way down to $85.

Watch the video below to see a full analysis and breakdown of VantagePoint’s forecast for NFLX since early December.

For traders who are uncomfortable with shorting the FANG stocks or have account restrictions, all four stocks have very liquid options contracts with very high open interest and tight bid ask spreads.

If the current market volatility is taking a bite out of your FANG investing profits, you can bite back having VantagePoint’s market forecasting tools for two way trading opportunities.

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Make Money in a Declining Market

January 29th, 2016 by VantagePoint Software

It’s one of the most common questions we get. “How can I make money when the market is going down?”

make money



The truth is simple: there’s no such thing as a bad market. There is, however, bad information and if your current trading strategy is lagging the market, well then it’s going to be very difficult if you don’t see these declines coming.

That being said – our customers are finding plenty of opportunities to make money in these down markets. We share their strategies below.

Here are two ways to make money in a declining market:

Selling Short

Smart traders know that the market is a two-way street and that you can trade from the short side. VantagePoint’s forecasts provide insight 1-3 days in advance. With that information, traders can take a short position and actually make money in a declining market.

However, not every trader is comfortable with this technique. No worries, there’s another way.

Go Long on Inverse ETFs

“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

When a market is declining, there are inverse ETFs that will be going up. VantagePoint makes it easy to scan for opportunities and find these opportunities ahead of time.

Are you feeling anxious in the market? Why not adapt a strategy that has been consistent and accurate at forecasting markets and helping traders make money for over 25 years.

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Coal Companies Predicted to Increase Prior to George Soros Investment

September 2nd, 2015 by VantagePoint Software


If you trade energy stocks then you’ve probably heard the latest buzz with billionaire George Soros’ recent investments. In late August Soros bought up a bunch of stock in Peabody Energy Corporation ($BTU) as well as Arch Coal Inc ($ACI.) Surely, news like this would cause these stocks to show some momentum. Traders looking to gain on the upward movement could have bought in during the uptrend and would be sitting on a decent win right now.

But what about those few traders who actually knew that these stocks would be rising in price – before George Soros made any sort of investment? How would they know you ask?

These traders are using a predictive trading software called VantagePoint. Watch the video below to see that VantagePoint actually forecasted these markets to go up before any investments were made by Soros.

The big benefit, of course, is that these traders were in position before the trend took off meaning that they capitalized on even more profits. As of today Peabody Energy is up 38.94% in just 9 days and Arch Coal is up 292% in 14 days.

These returns are absolutely possible if you have the right information available.

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How to Predict the Stock Market with Trend Forecasting Software

August 7th, 2015 by VantagePoint Software

Using the George S. Patton Method to Predict the Stock Market

“Lead me, follow me, or get out of my way.”

george s patton

It’s almost as if this iconic quote from General George S. Patton Jr. was speaking directly to different stock trading strategies, specifically trend trading. Trend trading is often seen as reactive and systematic by nature.  The word “follow” is inexorably intertwined to this method (trend following) as most strategies involve joining the trend after it’s started. These words might as well represent 3 totally different trading strategies. We’ll examine each and let you know how you can apply one of them in order to better predict the stock market and make profitable trades.

“Follow Me” – Reactive Stock Trading

Herein lies the problem of trend following stocks. All too often, traders are too late to the party and miss the bulk of the move. Did you miss the recent trending moves in Starbucks ($SBUX), Google ($GOOG$) or Netflix ($NFLX)?

Many traders did because they are using the “follow me” approach that involves lagging indicators. Their stock predictions are reactive – they study a chart on Tuesday night, look at a moving average and see that a particular stock they follow has been trending up or down. Because they are dealing with lagging indicators that involve past price history for that stock, they enter the trend too late and miss the “meat” of the move.

“Get out of my way” – Trading from the Sidelines

Upon further inspection of that same stock, followers find that the trend actually started a week ago and they are too paralyzed to enter the trade. They will inevitably take the “get out of my way” route. Their stock predictions were directionally correct but their entry timing was off, so they inevitably missed a profitable trading opportunity out of fear that the trend is over.

It’s easy to see that there’s no way to get ahead of the market if you are constantly playing catch up or sitting on the sidelines. Instead, let’s look at ways to predict the stock market using trend forecasting technology.

What if you could approach your stock trading from a “lead me” perspective?

“Lead me”- Trend Forecasting Stocks

Traders who have accurate information ahead of the market can enter and exit positions before major trend reversals with a high level of confidence. VantagePoint is a trend forecasting software that uses predictive indications to give traders a look into a stock’s future. Through global market analysis and neural network technology, VantagePoint software transforms market lagging indicators in market leading indicators that anticipate trend changes and forecast the short term future trend direction, market strength and daily trading ranges days in advance.

In order to adapt the “lead me” style, and get on board a trend early, you’ve got to be able to anticipate, instead of react, to trend changes.  Frequently, VantagePoint’s predictive indicators will flash an “early warning” – that a stock’s trend is about to change direction before it actually happens. This is the edge that traders truly need to preserve capital and grow wealth in today’s volatile markets.

market lagging indicator

predict the stock market

Are you ready to adapt the George S Patton method and become a “lead me” type of trader who can predict the stock market?

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How To Make Money With VantagePoint

August 5th, 2015 by VantagePoint Software

making money trading in the markets

The first thought many traders have before investing in a new tool is – How easily can I make money trading with this? A return on your investment is important, which is why the team at Market Technologies has invested millions of dollars and over 3 decades of research, development and support in order to provide traders with the absolute best in market forecasting software. In the video below we’ll demonstrate how traders can make money trading with VantagePoint right off the bat.

VantagePoint’s accurate market forecasts allow traders to feel confident about finding the right trades and staying out of choppy sideways markets. Once a trading opportunity is identified, VantagePoint will help traders manage their positions with the predicted moving average, the next day’s predicted trading range and the predicted neural index.

Forecasts for those looking to make money trading now

In this video you’ll see forecasts for the following:

EnCana ($ECA) decreased 47.94% or $6.76 per share in the last 60 days. 1000 shares of this stock would have made you over $6000 in just 1 trade to the downside.

Skechers ($SKX) increased another 23% in the last 5 days. It’s now up 105.67% in the last 74 days. It’s easy to see how to make money with VantagePoint simply by following the indicators.

We also take a look at some long positions in Gold and Light Sweet Crude Oil for those who are trading commodities.

Ready to make money trading?

Regardless of what asset classes you are currently trading, VantagePoint’s market forecasts, proven to be up to 86% accurate, can help investors of all levels make money trading in the market. With increased confidence and consistency, profits will surely follow. an absolutely obtainable goal. Want to see a forecast for another stock? Leave a comment below and we’ll be sure to follow up with you.

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12 Leading Stock Market Forecasts from VantagePoint Software

July 22nd, 2015 by VantagePoint Software

stock market forecast

Every trader is searching for that little bit of edge that will help protect or grow their hard-earned investments. When it comes to getting ahead in the market it’s vital to have the right tools. VantagePoint has been providing traders with market leading forecasts, up to 86% accurate, since 1991.

Watch the video below as we show 12 recent stock market forecasts that were available to our customers. If these are the type of returns you want to start seeing give us a call today and ask about our Christmas in July promotion.

  • Encana ($ECA) 78.9% profit in 105 days.
  • Skechers ($SKX)  70.29% profit in 65 days
  • Yamana Gold ($AUY) 43.8% profit in 42 days
  • Starbucks ($SBX) 10.89% profit in – 45 days
  • Darden Restaurant. ($DRI) 13.44% profit in 44 days
  • Alliance One Intl ($AOI) 73.36% profit in 43 days
  • Walt Disney ($DIS) 7.32% profit in 24 days
  • Sears Holdings ($SHLD) 43.3% profit in 30 days
  • Chipotle ($CMG) 11.21% profit in 13 days
  • Amazon 8.52% profit in 7 days
  • Google ($GOOGL) 27.19% profit in 12 days
  • Netflix ($NFLX) 15.22% profit in 8 days

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How to Identify Market Consolidation and Trend Changes

May 7th, 2015 by VantagePoint Software

Market Consolidation vs. Trend Changes – What’s the Difference?

identifying market consolidation

Market consolidation, or a period of indecision that ends when the price of an asset breaks beyond the restrictive barriers, can create high levels of volatility but also opens the door to opportunity for short term traders. Knowing how to identify consolidation versus a true trend change can help you effectively manage your trading strategy.

This week we take a look at how traders can identify the difference between market consolidation and a true trend change. Not only is this simple to read on a chart but VantagePoint offers traders double confirmation through our patented predictive Neural Index, which offers extra confidence to take or hold positions to make the most profits.

Recent Market Forecasts of Market Consolidation

We reveal two recent forecasts that helped VantagePoint Software traders gain sizable profits. Earthlink ($ELNK), which increased 23.67% over 23 trading days as well as Encore Wire ($WIRE) which increased 23.16% over 32 trading days.

These are the kind of moves that you might be missing if you don’t have the right trading tools in your arsenal.

How is Market Consolidation Reflected on a Chart?

On ever VantagePoint chart you will notice a blue line and a black line. The blue line represents our proprietary predicted moving average and the black line is a standard moving average. The closer those lines become to one another, the higher the chance we are experiencing consolidation in the market.

A true trend change is reflected in VantagePoint’s market forecasts when the blue line crosses over the black line. At this point, you would want to take a position to cash in on the move.

Still have questions? Leave them in the comments below or send us an email at

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Options Trading Strategy in VantagePoint Software

February 25th, 2015 by VantagePoint Software

A Proven Options Trading Strategy that Works!

Options Trading Strategy

You’ve probably heard a lot of buzz around the phrase “options trading strategy” lately as it has become a hot topic in the trading world. But what does it mean to trade options and are you prepared? [Check out our blog – So, You Want to Trade Options, Huh?]

What if there was a way you could consistently identify the best available opportunities, get into the money quicker, and place more effective stops? Do you think you would be making more profits if those things were possible? YOU’RE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT YOU WOULD!

VantagePoint Trading Software can help options traders make more effective and consistent trades through the use of Intermarket Analysis Software.

Watch the below video to see how our market leading forecast predicted the latest upward trend in Priceline ($PCLN) that resulted in an 18.77% gain, or $192.45 profit per share, in just 12 trading days. These options trading strategies can easily be applied to your current technique by using VantagePoint.

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