How to Avoid Being Fooled by Market Volatility

March 31st, 2017 by VantagePoint Software

Don't be fooled by market volatility

After months of running uphill despite pundits consistently saying market volatility will cause the uptrend to run out of steam, the market is finally beginning to look like it’s running out of steam. As we approach April Fool’s Day traders need to ask themselves “Is it a trick, or is the market volatility defining a new trend?”

A trader only needs to look at the non-market influencers to understand how market volatility becomes prevalent. Economic and earnings news is positive but the threat of rising interest rates looms overhead. The general unease in worldly politics seems to have a spotlight on the tragic comedy that is Washington D.C. Where the talk of policy change positively affecting the markets meets a failure to communicate across the political party aisle.

It’s hard for a trader to determine whether this recent downward move has legs, or if it is just another period of uncertainty caused by market volatility. How can one maintain confidence to place trades when the news surrounding the market is in a state of flux?

The answer is simple. Dismiss it.

Don’t get fooled by the noise that is the news. Focus on the charts and the data. Focus on what an artificial intelligence is telling you.

The artificial intelligence in VantagePoint is up to 86% accurate and can do a better job than the average trader of collecting, crunching, and making sense of the data needed to find trades in the midst of market volatility. VantagePoint’s sole purpose is to find movement patterns in the chaos and give them to traders as market predictions. It’s the equivalent of using a bloodhound to track a scent. It’s been trained to do a single thing which makes it the best at what it does.

The below chart is a perfect example of what happens when you trust the artificial intelligence of VantagePoint. Himax Technologies Nasdaq: HIMX had a bullish crossover in early February. We see the market turns sideways roughly two weeks into the trend. The chart indicates four bearish days in a five-day stretch. Many traders would see this and get out of their position while patting themselves on the back as they think they just avoided an impending downward trend change.

Market volatility
After a great start, HIMX had a run of bearish days that likely scared away traders not using VantagePoint…

But, VantagePoint is smarter than human traders. It crunches the data and indicates trend changes with a crossover of the blue line against the black line. Yes, the blue line is virtually on top of the black line. But there’s no crossover. The pinching or tightening of the two lines indicates the trend has weakened, but that the overall trend was still up.

Those same traders previously patting themselves on the back missed out on doubling their profit. The trend did not reverse. Instead, it soared up to the $9.50 area (and is still climbing as we write this). If you had gotten in when VantagePoint first identified the crossover, you’d be sitting on more than 82% profit. All while the news surrounding the market during that time attempted to increase the volatility. While the recent news may worry you personally, it won’t have you worried about your positions in the market.

Market volatility blog
… but by trusting the artificial intelligence of VantagePoint traders stayed in the trade and more than doubled their profits enjoying 82% growth since the initial crossover.

So, as we recognize an international “day of fooling” take a minute to think about how you’re keeping yourself from being the fool. Don’t let market volatility fool you on April Fool’s Day or any other day. If you’re not confident your current tools can provide up to 86% accuracy the way VantagePoint can, maybe you’re already the fool.

Don’t be fooled by market volatility. Sign up for your free demo of VantagePoint today.

The best tools help you to avoid foolish decisions. Sign up today to receive a free demonstration of VantagePoint and ask our software specialists how VantagePoint’s predictive artificial intelligence can keep you looking foolish in the markets.


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Profit From Negative Market Reactions

January 4th, 2017 by VantagePoint Software

Neagitve market reactions to profit from

Here we are, another holiday season coming to an end and another end-of-the-year market with nowhere to go but down. Yes, it’s a gloomy way to look at generally bullish market reactions. The U.S. economy is picking up steam in all the right places – wages, inflation, jobs, manufacturing, and housing. U.S. homebuilders’ confidence soared this month to the highest level in 11 years, reflecting heightened expectations of better sales now and well into 2017.

So, why would the bullish U.S. economy market trends of 2016 turn bearish? Simple, the immediate market reactions to The Fed raising interest rates is wrong, all wrong, and there will be a correction coming. Continue reading Profit From Negative Market Reactions

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Molson Coors Brewing Stock Forecast from VantagePoint

September 24th, 2015 by VantagePoint Software

molson coors brewing stock

We’d like to take a second to raise our glass and send a big cheers to all the smart traders who followed our recent forecast and thus benefited from substantial gains in Molson Coors Brewing ($TAP.)

See, last week we shared a video (you can watch it here and skip to around 3:30) that showed VantagePoint forecasting for this stock to go up back on Sept 4th. At the time of the recording the stock was up 6.2% or around $4 per share. Not too shabby, right?

The very next day it nearly quadrupled. No, you aren’t reading that through beer googles – those are real numbers. See the latest in our video below.

Of course, this activity could be credited to the recent news around the possible acquisition by Anheuser-Busch. However, traders relying on single market, lagging indicators would have reacted too late to this news, causing them to get in AFTER this spike. GULP.

As of last night, this stock is up 21% since VantagePoint indicated upward momentum.

That’s the kind of accurate and consistent profit that will leave traders with an overflowing sense of joy (and money!)

VantagePoint Software Forecast

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Learn to Trade Using Intermarket Analysis Software

April 8th, 2015 by VantagePoint Software

What is Intermarket Analysis Software for Traders?understanding intermarket analysis software

The internet is buzzing with news and insight this earnings season around the release of the FOMC minutes. It’s easy to get bogged down in the numbers and data but are you taking away actionable data that can positively impact your trading strategy?

VantagePoint’s patented technology using Neural Networks and Intermarket Analysis to analyze markets from a global perspective. It provides a concise way to analyze thousands of data points and market influences across the world in one easy platform. This is designed to make your life easier and allow you to make more money, consistently. The use of Intermarket Analysis software for trading was pioneered by Louis B. Mendelsohn.

In the video below we take a look at recent forecasts for Alcoa Inc. ($AA) as well as Lululemon ($LULU) to demonstrate how VantagePoint looks at 25 inter-connected markets that push and pull the share price of these stocks and how VantagePoint’s market leading forecasts will allow you to better position your trades and make you more profitable. It’s the patented science behind this powerful Intermarket Analysis software that gives traders the extra edge needed to get ahead in today’s volatile markets.

If you’re serious about supplementing or replacing your full-time income through trading then it’s imperative that you have a reliable tool that gives you actionable data that accurately predicts price movements.

VantagePoint Software Demo

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Trading Gold with VantagePoint Software

March 11th, 2015 by VantagePoint Software

Trading Gold with VantagePoint

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner in the U.S. so we’d like to help you find your pot of gold. In our latest video we take a look at how you can use intermarket analysis and predictive indicators to accurately trade gold with high profitability.

We also analyze the inverse relationship between gold and the USD. Whether you are trading ETF’s or commodities you could be making more money than you are right now. Watch the video below to see how VantagePoint can change your life today.

VantagePoint Software Demo

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Options Trading Strategy in VantagePoint Software

February 25th, 2015 by VantagePoint Software

A Proven Options Trading Strategy that Works!

Options Trading Strategy

You’ve probably heard a lot of buzz around the phrase “options trading strategy” lately as it has become a hot topic in the trading world. But what does it mean to trade options and are you prepared? [Check out our blog – So, You Want to Trade Options, Huh?]

What if there was a way you could consistently identify the best available opportunities, get into the money quicker, and place more effective stops? Do you think you would be making more profits if those things were possible? YOU’RE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT YOU WOULD!

VantagePoint Trading Software can help options traders make more effective and consistent trades through the use of Intermarket Analysis Software.

Watch the below video to see how our market leading forecast predicted the latest upward trend in Priceline ($PCLN) that resulted in an 18.77% gain, or $192.45 profit per share, in just 12 trading days. These options trading strategies can easily be applied to your current technique by using VantagePoint.

VantagePoint Software Demo

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