Global Market Analysis for S&P 500, Dow and Light Sweet Crude Oil

March 19th, 2015 by VantagePoint Software


Traders understand that markets are interconnected from a global standpoint and that trading decisions must not be based solely on one target market but on all those affecting it.

VantagePoint software conducts global market analysis on markets around the world which produces trend forecasts that are up to 86% accurate. By utilizing these forecasts, traders have the knowledge, confidence and confirmation to make smart investments.

Watch the video below to see recent activity in the S&P 500 as well as the Dow. More importantly, we’ll show you what VantagePoint forecasted 2 days ahead of these trends that helped our customers get in at the right time and cash in on major profits.

Curious about Light Sweet Crude Oil? We answer the markets hottest question – how low will it go? See what our intermarket analysis software is forecasted for the days ahead.

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Stock Market Analysis in the New Age

February 19th, 2015 by VantagePoint Software

Traders are realizing that the days of following only one market are long gone. Technical analysts must understand the impact of trends in related markets all over the globe. Trying to trade the markets without intermarket awareness is very dangerous.

Stock Market Analysis

Even if you are using intermarket analysis, the relationships keep shifting in the evolving complex global economy.

Intermarket Analysis and the US Stock Market

The seemingly-invincible US stock markets powered higher in 2014, still directly fueled by the Fed’s epic quantitative-easing money printing. But 2015 is shaping up to be radically different from the past couple years. The Fed effectively abandoned the stock markets when it terminated its bond buying late last year. So this year we will finally see if these lofty stock markets can remain afloat without the Fed.

So far things have been all over the map with US equities and in turn, we have new market correlations. On January 27th, the Dow was down almost 600 points from the previous day’s highs but the 30 year Treasury yields were at 2.39% – the lowest level ever.

Go figure! These markets aren’t for the faint of heart as the relationships continue to change.

How Can VantagePoint Trading Software Help?

The good news is we’ve got you covered. VantagePoint Software factors in these shifting relationships to forecast market trends based on the most sophisticated intermarket analysis in the industry. It uses a neural network process to identify which markets have the most influence on a target market, then produces a set of intermarket data to generate predictive indicators for short-term price trend forecasts for the new market realities.

The math and science behind the global market analysis conducted in VantagePoint is something the human just is not capable of. While the individual trader doesn’t have to do the calculations, it’s still important to continually examine the new paradigm.

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