Infographic – Grading Common Trading Strategies and Tools

April 28th, 2016 by VantagePoint Software

Trading Infographic

It’s report card time! After the NFL Draft, the annual exercise of pundits immediately distributing grades takes place to express their “expert” opinion on which teams maximized their value and filled their roster holes.

While most (okay, probably all) of you don’t own an NFL team, you ARE a trader looking to increase your profitability in the markets. Well, you’re in luck. The following infographic grades different tools, trading strategies, and systems to help you take your trading to the “Big Game.”

The Grades – Common Trading Strategies and Tools

Trading Strategies

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UPDATE: VantagePoint Helps Customer Find 256% Growth with Accurate Forecast

April 21st, 2016 by VantagePoint Software

VantagePoint tracks CDE to a 250% uptrendUPDATE: The day after we  posted this video and blog, $CDE dropped, become a 4 day trend to the downside. 

That is plenty of time for most traders (without VantagePoint) to consider the uptrend over and get out of this position. However, the downtrend would soon show itself to be nothing more than a speedbump on a strong uptrend that grew an additional 20% after the loss.

Traders who use VantagePoint would have been able to see this as nothing more than a short-term loss and stayed in the trade. How would they have known to do that? Check out our updated video to see how VantagePoint’s forecasts saw through this sudden change and presented our users with even more chances to grow their profits. Scroll below the video to read the original post and watch the original video.

As a trader, just because you aren’t familiar with a particular stock or market, doesn’t mean you should miss out on a tremendous opportunity to profit. We received an email from a VantagePoint user explaining that he had made “a boatload of money” on a stock he had never heard of, or traded before.

He went on to explain that the stock showed up on one of VantagePoint’s scans as a potential trading opportunity. Coupled with his reliance on VantagePoint’s up to 86% accuracy, he took advantage of this information and has made a 256% return on his initial investment!

Check out our quick video that walks through exactly what you could have seen on day 1 of this potential trade and how using VantagePoint’s predictive indicators could have given you the confidence to remain in this trade and make a huge return.

This is a perfect example of what VantagePoint does for our customers. It identifies trading opportunities you can get involved with and profit from. That is why so many of our customers have been able to recoup the cost of the software so quickly.

Don’t limit yourself to your familiar and favorite stocks. Look beyond that and let yourself find the opportunities that can help you grow your trading account.

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5 Tips to Help You Master the Trading Game

April 5th, 2016 by VantagePoint Software

The Masters is special. “A tradition unlike any other” is how the television stations often describe the annual tournament. It isn’t just about golf, it’s an event that stretches into pop culture history.

With a million shades of green (including the iconic jacket donned by the winner) highlighted by acres of blooming magnolias and azaleas, Augusta National provides a pristine backdrop for this annual obsession. But aesthetics aside, no course makes players beat themselves as regularly as Augusta.

masters TradingAs traders, we often beat ourselves too. So in honor of the Masters, here are five ways to stay on course and avoid the common traps and hazards that can derail your game.

1.  Have the Right Clubs in your Bag

Taking your grandfather’s old wooden clubs from the garage may be okay for hacking around the public course while knocking back a few brews. But serious golfers know the need for clubs tailored to you and your game. Beyond the bevy of different brands, you have to choose the shaft of the driver or the degree of loft in the head for your woods. It gets even more granular when you add the cavity and head size of the club face for irons. Putters, forget about it. You could spend weeks selecting from the thousands of options.

The key is finding the right clubs that match your specific swing. For traders, the choice can be simple when it comes to software that fits your strategy. Whether you are a day trader specializing in Forex or a swing trader focusing on a specific stock sector, VantagePoint is the complete software solution for today’s volatile, intertwined markets.

VantagePoint provides leading indicators for about 600 markets across 22 categories divided neatly into three categories – commodities, financials, and stocks with more than a dozen proprietary, forward-looking and easily-accessible technical indicators. No golf cart necessary to tote around a heavy bag, VantagePoint fits nicely onto your home computer.

2.  Timing is Everything

With your golf swing, the key to getting good distance, consistency and control is perfect timing. But this can be elusive for golfers as one millisecond is all it takes to hit the ball too early or too late.

Traders struggle with the same frustrating timing issue. They either get into a trade after a trend has started or got into a trend too early only to get stopped out. They are in the proverbial sand trap because most traders use lagging technical indicators. These indicators rely solely on past data. You can realistically expect better results if you switch to leading technical indicators like those found in VantagePoint.

VantagePoint’s full suite of predictive, leading indicators helps keep your trades on the fairway by achieving that elusive perfect timing.

3.  Hit the Practice Tee

Saying you have to practice, whether in trading or golf, isn’t groundbreaking advice. But, practice without purpose doesn’t make you better. Perfect practice does. You can go to the range and hit a bucket of balls with no purpose and have fun, but don’t expect to break 100 on your next outing. Same thing with trading. To get better you have to practice with a purpose. If you are paper trading, be diligent about your journaling or trading log. Remember, when there is real money on the line, there are no mulligans with your broker. You’re only competing with yourself so be honest about your progress.

4.  Focus on Your Short (Trading) Game

Sure it’s sexy to crush a 350-yard drive with your Big Bertha. But golf is often won and lost around the greens. The pros know they must rely on their short game to win tournaments.

Smart traders also know the market is a two-way street and you need to trade from the short side. Sticking to “long-only strategies” limits your trading opportunities.  VantagePoint’s forecasts provide insight 1-3 days in advance. This allows traders to make money in both up and down markets.

5.  Remember the Wind…

…and the green speed, the grass length, the altitude, the softness of the ball and the thousands of other variables that affect a golf shot.  It isn’t easy to process all this information, even with the help of a professional caddy.

Traders also recognize there is a confluence of factors affecting any market they trade. Solid analysis must include the interplay of global market forces. The price of U.S. equities can be tied to the price of oil, the price of the Chinese stock market and a variety of other market forces. The challenge is finding trading tools that keep pace with the shifting intermarket realities to help predict market trends. Most trading software ignores these intermarket relationships. Those that do are not updating their parameters to forecast new trends.

VantagePoint employs a sophisticated neural network process to identify which markets have the most influence on a target market. It then produces a set of intermarket data to generate predictive indicators for short-term price trend forecasts for today’s volatile markets.

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