VantagePoint Finds Cinderella Stocks You Can Profit From

March 29th, 2016 by VantagePoint Software

It’s that time of year again when the office comes together and collectively wonders how Janice from Accounting is once again leading this year’s NCAA March Madness office pool. Whether your bracket has been busted or not, everyone loves the Cinderella stories that capture everyone’s attention.

Cinderella Stocks

According to a recent Forbes article, roughly $9 billion was wagered on last year’s tournament and an estimated $1.9 billion was lost in reduced workplace productivity. Meanwhile, MarketWatch reports that studies show stocks can produce below-average returns during popular tournaments like the college basketball championship.

While anyone can enjoy seeing an upset in the first round, most traders don’t like seeing their investment portfolio being forced to rebound from a down month. That’s where VantagePoint comes in.

Thanks to the predictive indicators, VantagePoint helps traders find those “Cinderella stocks” that often times go unnoticed even though they’re out-performing their industry.

Check out a few stocks that we’ve highlighted in this video and let us know if you’ve got a few Cinderella stocks of your own.

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Celebrating the History of Louis Mendelsohn

March 25th, 2016 by VantagePoint Software

1979 – Mendelsohn and Technology

Louis Mendelsohn

What did technology look like for most people in 1979? It looked like the Atari personal computer or the Sony Walkman.

For Mr. Mendelsohn, technology looked dramatically different as he had the foresight to know that it could transform the trading industry.

He had traded equities and stock options while in graduate school. In those days he was analyzing the markets with hand drawn charts and a hand-held calculator. In 1977, while working as a hospital administrator, Mr. Mendelsohn realized that technical analysis and trading could be revolutionized by computer software. Traders, like himself, could make more profitable decisions with technology by their side. He immediately began applying personal computers to technical analysis and permanently changed his profession.

Mr. Mendelsohn formed Market Technologies in 1979 for the purpose of licensing the trading software that he developed for himself, beginning a revolution that laid the groundwork for today’s sophisticated trading technology.

2 – Industry-Changing Patents

Mr. Mendelsohn holds not one, but two significant patents. What’s the backstory? In the 1980s, when other traders still had a myopic focus, he began to recognize the dynamic interconnections occurring between related global markets and integrated them into his computerized trading strategies.

Since it is humanly impossible for a trader to visualize and calculate these complicated relationships, Mr. Mendelsohn applied sophisticated mathematical processes known as neural networks to the VantagePoint Trading Software to perform intermarket analysis.

On May 14, 2013, Mendelsohn was granted Patent Number 8,442,891 by the U.S. Patent Office. This covered his proprietary computerized processes for applying neural networks to intermarket data. His second patent, Patent Number 8,560,420, involved his invention of predictive technical indicators that can forecast trends and changes in trend direction, was granted on October 15, 2013.

Mr. Mendelsohn has continued to be the driving force behind innovations in technical analysis trading software. He has implemented intermarket analysis through the use of neural network pattern recognition to create leading technical indicators that now forecast hundreds of global financial markets daily.

62 – Employees who Love Louis Mendelsohn

Market Technologies currently employs 62 people. Many people have called Market Technologies home in the last 37 years. What started as a small endeavor by a man with a desire to help others succeed, has grown into an award-winning company.

Market Technology’s first recognition came from Deloitte & Touche. They recognized the company as one of the 50-fastest growing tech companies in Tampa Bay in 1998. In 2004, Inc. Magazine recognized the Wesley Chapel-based company when it named them to the Inc. 500 List of the fastest growing private companies in the U.S. Throw in recognition from the Tampa Bay Business Journal as “One of the Best Places to Work in Tampa Bay” in 2006, 2007, 2011 and 2013 and you have yourself a company that continues to change peoples’ lives in more ways than one.

86 – Unmatched Accuracy

Reverse 68 and you get 86. Why is this important? Because VantagePoint Intermarket Analysis software, Mr. Mendelsohn’s brainchild, predicts market trends with up to 86% accuracy.

Unlike the work of so many people in the financial world, Lou Mendelsohn’s legacy is both verifiable and lasting.

Mr. Mendelsohn one of the first pioneers to apply personal computers and trading software to technical analysis. He was also the very first person to introduce back testing into trading software for personal computers in 1983 with ProfitTaker. As a result, Mr. Mendelsohn was instrumental in transforming technical analysis from its earlier pre-computer days into a multi-million dollar trading software industry. As for his own company, Louis Mendelsohn has grown his trading software empire, Market Technologies LLC to be a continued leader in market forecasting with VantagePoint’s up to 86% verifiable accuracy.

15,000 – VantagePoint Customers and Growing

That’s the number of traders Louis Mendelsohn has helped to transform their lives with his invention of VantagePoint Intermarket Analysis Software. Traders from all walks of life and across the globe now have a trading tool to help them to find consistent profitability in the markets.

Mr. Mendelsohn has created a company culture at Market Technologies that has given hundreds of employees the opportunity to grow in their careers and live happier and richer lives.

We make a big deal of every employee’s birthday at Market Technologies. Everyone sings and the guest of honor gets the cake of his or her choice. So on March 26th, help us give a special shout out (go ahead and treat yourself to a piece of cake too) in honor of our beloved CEO and founder, Louis Mendelsohn.

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5 Ways to use the Luck of the Irish in your Trades

March 16th, 2016 by VantagePoint Software

irish luck trades

As traders, luck is often the four letter word that you shouldn’t say on TV (or anywhere else for that matter.) And yes, that includes you, all the O’daytraders and McScalpers even on St. Patrick’s Day.

If you decide to let luck alone be your guide in the markets, your account may end up as empty as a keg in South Boston or Chicago on March 18th. Here are five ways to make you “luckier” in the markets by putting the probabilities in your favor.

Learn the difference between “good trades” and “winning trades”

A winning trade is one where you make money, even if the research and decision-making were haphazard. A good trade is one where you stuck to your process and put on a position that was consistent with it, no matter what the outcome is on that particular trade.  Focus on making good trades and the outcome will take care of itself.

Don’t forget about Ireland

Or Greece. Or China. The ability to examine the relationships between markets has become critical to successful trading in today’s highly volatile, globally-interconnected markets. Single-market methods of analysis have become dangerously outdated. Using artificial intelligence technologies that incorporate intermarket analysis, VantagePoint Software finds hidden patterns and relationships between 30 related markets and the target market to analyze and forecast price movements for more than 600 global markets each day. VantagePoint’s patented ability to help you find profitable trades can help lead you to your pot of gold.

Sharpen up your risk management

Be vigilant about getting out of losing positions quickly. Don’t lose a crippling amount of money if you are just unlucky. Even the best methodologies will fail if you are not disciplined and do not understand the risks you are taking on whether you are Irish or Italian.

Devise a Trades Checklist

This is where you lay out specific criteria that need to be met before getting into and out of a position. This will help discipline you and prevent you from “shooting from the hip.” Ultimately, the way to mitigate the role of luck is to work on your decision-making skills.

Use Leading Indicators

While past performance may be indicative of future results when it comes to drinking on St. Patrick’s Day, that doesn’t necessarily work with a market’s trend. You can learn when to stop imbibing green beer to prevent a hangover from past experience, but a market’s trend is fluid and ever changing.

So many traders operate only in hindsight. They study a chart on Wednesday night, look at a moving average and see that a particular market they’re interested in is trending up or down. Upon further inspection, they find that the trend actually started on Tuesday morning and that they’re already a couple of days late in getting into the position.

Technical Analysis is simply a reaction to past price action, and by using traditional lagging indicators, such as Moving Averages, there’s often missed opportunity. Using a predictive trading software like VantagePoint that uses leading technical indicators helps traders get into trends earlier, and, therefore, they have more confidence to stay in winning trades that last long past St. Patrick’s Day.

BONUS GOLDEN NUGGET: If you prefer the predictive indicators of VantagePoint to the Luck of the Irish, check out the video below showing how VantagePoint can help you decide when to make a move on a market, or when to wait it out.

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