How Can VantagePoint Software Diversify Trades in your Portfolio?

May 27th, 2015 by VantagePoint Software

How to Diversify Trades in Today’s Global Markets

Learn to diversify trades

If you’re looking diversify trades in your portfolio then it’s important to ensure you have a system that is accurate and consistent regardless of the market you are trading at that time. VantagePoint’s predictive technology works across all markets and conditions to help futures, forex and even stock traders become consistently profitable, no matter their different trading styles.

In today’s video we showcase recent successful VantagePoint forecasts for the following markets:

Futures chart – We’ll show you a Soybean forecast that helped VantagePoint traders profit $2650 per contract in just 11 trading days.

Forex chart – We’ll show you a U.S. Dollar/Canadian Dollar forecast that helped VantagePoint traders profit $4183 per standard lot over 7 days.

Stock Chart – We’ll show you a Earthlink $ELNK which helped VantagePoint traders cash in profits of 47% in just 36 days.

Why should I diversify trades in my portfolio?

Today’s markets are completely intertwined and have a global impact on one another. Rather than trading in isolation it’s important to have a global perspective on how other markets push and pull the price of the market you are trading. Understanding these complex relationships can help you win across the board when a trend takes place.

VantagePoint Software, developed in 1991 by Market Technologies, LLC holds 2 patents on the science behind applying Intermarket Analysis and Neural Network technology to a trading software. Our software identifies the 25 intermarkets for each stock, commodity, forex pair etc that you are trading and identifies what weight should be applied to each. The end result is a deadly accurate forecast for the next day’s trading range.

VantagePoint Software Forecast

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Trading Options Using VantagePoint Software

May 20th, 2015 by VantagePoint Software

So you want to start trading options, huh?

trading options

Options trading strategies have been a hot topic in the market and one of our blog subscribers wrote in asking if we could demonstrate how the powerful forecasts in VantagePoint Software can be used to trade options.

As we all know – there are 2 important factors to trading options: timing and direction. Watch the video below to see how our predictive indicators forecast these 2 factors 1-3 days in advance with up to 86% accuracy.

VantagePoint can help options traders identify trading opportunities, determine where to place calls and puts, identify strike prices and set stops. This is crucial information that can help any trader become more consistent and more profitable, regardless of how long a position is held. See the two recent forecasts for Whole Foods Market $WFM and McKesson $MCK below.

Trading Options with VantagePoint - Wholefoods
VantagePoint Software forecast for Whole Foods Market $WFM that resulted in over $20k profit for options traders.
Trading Options with VantagePoint - McKesson
VantagePoint Software forecast for McKesson $MCK that would have helped any weekly options trader made $20/share in profit in just 3 trades.

VantagePoint Software Forecast

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Predicted Decline of Euro Bund and U.S. Treasury Bond in VantagePoint Software

May 13th, 2015 by VantagePoint Software

How to Predict the Decline of Euro Bund and U.S. Treasury Bond

Bill Gross is undoubtedly the largest bond trader in the world so it was no surprise to see a decline of Euro Bund and U.S. Treasury Bond after his recent prediction.

bill gross market predictions

There’s no denying that Bill knows the markets. But what about the average trader? Do you find yourself reading about these headlines far after the trend has taken off – thus leaving you out of great trades?

Turns out Bill wasn’t the only one who saw these big moves coming. Watch below as we show you how VantagePoint Software accurately predicted these downward trend moves a few weeks back and put our customers in great positions to make huge profits.

VantagePoint Software Demo


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How to Identify Market Consolidation and Trend Changes

May 7th, 2015 by VantagePoint Software

Market Consolidation vs. Trend Changes – What’s the Difference?

identifying market consolidation

Market consolidation, or a period of indecision that ends when the price of an asset breaks beyond the restrictive barriers, can create high levels of volatility but also opens the door to opportunity for short term traders. Knowing how to identify consolidation versus a true trend change can help you effectively manage your trading strategy.

This week we take a look at how traders can identify the difference between market consolidation and a true trend change. Not only is this simple to read on a chart but VantagePoint offers traders double confirmation through our patented predictive Neural Index, which offers extra confidence to take or hold positions to make the most profits.

Recent Market Forecasts of Market Consolidation

We reveal two recent forecasts that helped VantagePoint Software traders gain sizable profits. Earthlink ($ELNK), which increased 23.67% over 23 trading days as well as Encore Wire ($WIRE) which increased 23.16% over 32 trading days.

These are the kind of moves that you might be missing if you don’t have the right trading tools in your arsenal.

How is Market Consolidation Reflected on a Chart?

On ever VantagePoint chart you will notice a blue line and a black line. The blue line represents our proprietary predicted moving average and the black line is a standard moving average. The closer those lines become to one another, the higher the chance we are experiencing consolidation in the market.

A true trend change is reflected in VantagePoint’s market forecasts when the blue line crosses over the black line. At this point, you would want to take a position to cash in on the move.

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